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Start Cooking With Ziti

Learn how to start integrating Zero Trust directly into your application! Explore our quickstarts and learn how to get your own zero trust overlay network setup.

OpenZiti is bringing Zero Trust to networks all over the world! To really get the most out of Ziti, you'll want to embed it directly into your applications. Ziti provides numerous SDKs for this very purpose. If you're not ready to embed Zero Trust right into your application you can still get started by using one or more of the tunneling apps.


If you get stuck on anything at all, remember that the link to the discourse sites is on the top right of all the doc pages. Don't be afraid to ask the community for help!

Getting Started - Network

When you're just getting started, the first thing you will need is access to a Ziti Network. For someone just starting out, there are four basic options:

Run all the binaries locally

Here you'll start and stop components on your own. This is great for learning but since it's all local, keeping any services you define actually separate from your local machine is a bit hard.

Run locally using Docker

This allows you to do some more complex things like actually isolate services from even yourself.

Run on your own server

This option is great for two situations. If you have a server This is great if you have other people you want to have access to your Ziti Network and aren't on the local network.

Which network option sounds right for you?